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New Job Tips: Avoid Common First Job Mistakes

Blogger Zina Kumok shares the relocation, salary negotiation, and benefits mistakes she made at her first job—and how she turned her learnings into a successful career.

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Short-Term Goal: Make a Post-Wedding Financial Plan

Blogger Chonce Maddox and her husband got proactive about debt and finances the day after their wedding. Here’s how you and your partner can work together toward financial freedom.

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Money Management: 8 Steps for New College Grads

From paying off your student loans to establishing a good credit history, it’s important to establish good money behaviors early. New grads, here are ways to get started with money management.

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How to Choose a Charity

If you’re planning to make charitable donations, you’ll want to know more about the charities you support. Here’s how to research philanthropic organizations to ensure your money goes toward causes you care about.

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Life After College: Now What?

Congrats—You’ve graduated from college! What’s next? Blogger Lindsay VanSomeren discusses key steps for the post-collegiate career search.

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Moving Home? Sign a Contract with Your Parents

Whether it’s a temporary arrangement or indefinite, if you’re planning to move back in with Mom and Dad, good communication is key. Here’s how to talk about your living arrangements before you move home.

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