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Articles written by Chonce Maddox

Make a Post-Wedding Financial Plan

Just married? Here’s how you and your partner can work together toward financial freedom.

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Is Relocation a Good Strategy to Find Work?

Is relocation the right move for your career, Grownups? Here’s how blogger Chonce Maddox made that difficult decision.

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How to Stop Making Impulse Purchases: Wants Vs. Needs

FYI: impulse purchases throw off your budget! But focusing on your goals and making spending decisions based on your values can help curb impulse buying.

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Break the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle

Living paycheck to paycheck can be a limiting (and somewhat scary) routine, Grownups. Blogger Chonce Maddox explains how she broke the cycle.

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Chonce Maddox Reflects on Paying Off Debt

Blogger Chonce Maddox had more than $30,000 in debt from student loans and a car loan. Read how she’s paying off debt and en route to becoming debt-free.

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Short-Term Goal: Get a Raise or Promotion 

Blogger Chonce Maddox considers many things when looking for work—on top of that list is whether or not there’s room for professional growth.

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