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Articles written by Erin Lowry

Less Financial Stress in 15 Minutes a Week

Mitigating your financial stress doesn’t have to take long. Broke Millennial blogger Erin Lowry takes a quick break every Sunday to ensure she’s on track.

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What to Look for in a Job Offer

Erin Lowry of Broke Millennial breaks down important criteria to consider when looking at a job offer.

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Is Early Retirement Really Possible?

Erin Lowry of Broke Millennial was wary of all this “early retirement” talk—so she decided to look into what it takes to achieve this fantastic goal.

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Avoid Going Broke This Holiday Season

Broke Millennial Erin Lowry knows the holidays can get expensive. Here’s how to budget for gifts and travel this holiday season without going into debt.

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Quarter Life Crisis Without Draining Savings

A quarter life crisis can strike Grownups at any time. From starting a side hustle to taking a class, Broke Millennial Erin Lowry offers steps to stave off mid-twenties angst.

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Adulting 101: Starting Over After a Big Move

Broke Millennial Erin Lowry spent a significant amount of her childhood abroad. Here she discusses adapting to life as an American entering college and becoming a Grownup.

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