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Articles written by Jackie Lam

Financial Planning for Joint Goals

Financial planning pointers for those with joint money goals, no matter what your relationship status is.

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Estate Planning for Millennials

What happens to your social media profiles if you kick the bucket? It’s important to consider your digital assets in your estate planning.

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The Joys of Petsitting

Joyful as it may be, here’s what to consider when petsitting as a side hustle.

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Freelancer Fails: Money Mistakes I Made in Self-Employment

Some of the top money mistakes made by a freelancer in self-employment, and how they can be prevented.

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Can You Afford Your Dream Job?

Blogger Jackie Lam lays out a game plan for turning the idea of a dream job into reality.

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Building an Emergency Fund on a Tight Budget

Don’t have a lot of money? Don’t panic! Blogger Jackie Lam shows how you can still build up an emergency fund on a tight budget.

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