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Articles written by Jenna Spesard

Planning a Road Trip: Train vs. Car

Tiny House blogger Jenna Spesard makes the case for traveling by train in America—so long as it’s cheaper and more convenient than a road trip.

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5 Natural Cold Remedies

If you’re trying to steer clear from medication during this cold season, try these natural remedies to get you back on your feet.

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Short-Term Goal: Learn to Snowboard as a Grownup

Trying something new requires money, time, and willpower. Tiny House blogger Jenna Spesard invested in learning to snowboard—and she loves it!

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How to Maximize Space in a Tiny Kitchen

Jenna Spesard of Tiny House, Giant Journey cooks in a 30-square foot tiny kitchen. Here’s how she makes it work (and how you can make your own small kitchen work for you, too).

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Living in a Tiny House Can Help Finances

Tiny House, Giant Journey blogger Jenna Spesard shares the many benefits of her unique accommodations.

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Save Grocery Money with a Garden

Jenna Spesard of Tiny House, Giant Journey shares how her garden helps cut back on grocery bills, saving money on food while providing a healthy lifestyle.

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