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Articles written by Kate Sitarz

Defining Grownup Success

The next time you’re at a networking event or cocktail party, try changing the conversation starter, says blogger Kate Sitarz. You may be surprised where the conversation goes!

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Getting Married Without a Wedding

Wedding planning can be stressful—and expensive. Blogger Kate Sitarz urges Grownups to consider their values when it’s time to tie the knot.

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Want to Work Abroad? Don’t Forget Taxes

If you’re living abroad or even taking an extended trip and still working, your tax return may be a little more complicated. Here’s how to navigate filing your taxes while overseas.

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How to Move Without a Job

Blogger Kate Sitarz landed a new job within days of moving to her new city. Her secret? Planning, freelancing, networking—and even more planning.

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How to Move Across the Country

Moving involves compromises big and small, but don’t panic! You’ll get through it. Here’s how to keep yourself grounded before, during, and after the move.

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7 Tips for Moving in Like a Grownup

The more you get on the table beforehand, the more you can compromise and avoid pitfalls, says blogger Kate Sitarz.

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