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Articles written by Mrs. Frugalwoods

How to Save Money on Groceries: Without Couponing

Mrs. Frugalwoods shares how to save money on groceries without having to clip coupons.

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Embracing a Frugal Lifestyle

Mrs. Frugalwoods finds there are many benefits to being frugal, from reducing stress to spending more time with her family.

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Is Car Ownership Right for You?

Is car ownership part of your plan? Mrs. Frugalwoods shares a few things to think about when deciding if your lifestyle requires your own vehicle.

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The Benefits of a Thrifty Valentines Day

A very DIY Valentine’s Day isn’t just thrifty—it’s also far more personal.

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A Tax-Advantaged Way to Donate

How to be strategic and financially sound when supporting the charities you believe in.

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Parenting Myth: Kids Are Expensive

Mrs. Frugalwoods has managed to parent frugally. Here’s how her family pared down childrearing expenses.

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