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Articles written by Rachel Rabinovich

The Sandwich Generation: A Guide to Supporting Your Family

How do you balance caring for your children and your elderly parents? Rachel Rabinovich, CFP® shares strategies she’s built from personal experience as a member of the Sandwich Generation.

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Holiday Entertaining for Penny-Pinchers

Holiday get-togethers can be really expensive, but don’t panic! Rachel Rabinovich, CFP®, shares tips for how Grownups can plan a holiday party on a budget.

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Holiday Spending: No Gifts, Please

If you’ve decided not to give gifts this holiday season, make sure you clearly communicate with your loved ones. What are other ways you can celebrate instead?

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Budgeting for Holiday Presents

We all have complicated emotions tied up with the holidays and gift giving. Rachel Rabinovich, CFP®, helps you plan a Grownup gift-giving budget.

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Money Independence: A Family Affair

We took a survey: How are Grownups today planning financially for their goals? How do these goals contribute to (or slow down) financial independence? The results were pretty surprising.

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How to Start Socially Responsible Investing

Want to make sure your money supports your values? That’s where socially responsible investing comes in.

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