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Articles written by Meagan McGinnes

The Benefits of Having A Side Hustle

Let’s face it. Life’s expensive. Earning extra cash may be necessary, and having a side hustle that you enjoy helps can help create work life balance.

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How I Learned About Saving While Marathon Training

The planning and dedication needed in having an actual, actionable strategy for saving money reminds me a lot of my marathon training.

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Grocery Shopping at Whole Foods for $40 Per Week

Mission: Possible. You can grocery shop on a budget even at a store like Whole Foods. Don’t believe us? Blogger Meagan McGinnes shows us how.

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What’s Better for Your Wallet: Meal Kits or Groceries?

Are meal kits more economical than grocery shopping? We subscribed to three meal kits — Blue Apron, Hello Fresh and Purple Carrot — to find out.

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