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Non-Cubicle Grownup: Shiree Adkins

The arts—specifically the performing arts—set the stage for a non-cubicle career. New York-based actress Shiree Adkins discusses how acting has always been her one true calling.

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How to Spend Less Money

Frugality can become part of your everyday routine. Don’t believe us? Check out tips on how to cut expenses from Mrs. Frugalwoods.

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Should You Prepay Your Mortgage?

If you’ve got extra money, you may want to put extra toward your monthly mortgage. But what are the pros and cons of prepaying your mortgage? Financial advisor Matt Becker weighs in.

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Short-Term Goal: Saving for Other People’s Weddings

Being a wedding guest can get really expensive. Erin Lowry of BrokeMillennial.com shares how her Other People’s Wedding Fund keeps her friends and budget in check.

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Retirement Lessons from Mom and Dad

When it comes to retirement planning, blogger Jackie Lam sees what’s worked (and what hasn’t) for her parents. Read why she’s making saving a priority, staying social, and cultivating hobbies for her own retirement.

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How to Overcome Limiting Money Beliefs

Between our conscious and unconscious minds, we can make big money mistakes, say the Debt Free Guys. But when we admit we suffer from limiting beliefs, then we can change them—and improve our financial lives.

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