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From The Society

5 Steps to Become Debt-Free

If you have credit card debt, you’re not alone: The average US household owes more than $8,000 on credit cards. Don’t panic! Ariel Anderson, CFP®, has a way out.

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Getting Started with Homebuying

This biggest of purchases can be overwhelming, but don’t panic! Once you know the market and your homebuying budget, you’ll soon have a moving day on your calendar.

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Q&A with the Planners: How Do I Become Financially Literate?

April is National Financial Literacy Month. But what does financial literacy actually mean? Our financial advisors share ways Grownups can become financially literate.

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Should You Move? A CFP® Looks at How Location Impacts Finances

Is your expensive hometown holding you back from reaching your goals? Tyler Dolan, CFP®, compares three cities to show how a Grownup’s finances can be impacted by zip code.

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All About Taxes: If I Make a Mistake on My Tax Return, Can I Refile?

Let’s say you make a mistake on your annual tax return. Don’t panic! You may be able to refile. Tyler Dolan, CFP®, walks you the process to refile your taxes.

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Q&A with the Planners: What Should I Do with My Tax Refund?

When it comes to your tax refund, does it pay to be practical, or is it better to play? Our financial planning team weighs in.

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