A snow day for Grownups is a little different from when we were kids. But even if you have to work from home and shovel, you can still enjoy some snow day perks.

As a kid, a snow day means an unexpected day off—an opportunity to go sledding, build snowmen, watch movies, or just be lazy. As Grownups, though, a snow day comes with a few more responsibilities and rewards…

When you’re a kid, snow days mean hours of play outside. When you’re a Grownup, though, that snow has to be cleared—from sidewalks, cars, driveways, and rooftops. Work first, then get those snowballs going. (Or, you know, start with the snowman…as long as the shoveling eventually gets done.)

When you’re a kid, a snow day means a freebie. But while many Grownups may not have to go into work when a snow storm hits, you’re still expected to log in. So “snow day,” in Grownup-speak, really means “work from home day.”

As a kid, you can stay inside in your pajamas all day. As a Grownup, you can, too—even if you’re working from home. (We won’t tell.)

When you’re a kid, cross-country skiing is (usually) limited to trails. When you’re a Grownup, cross-country skis can replace your car, bike, or public transit pass!

When you’re a kid, the whole snow day stretches ahead of you, full of possibilities. When you’re a Grownup parent or caregiver, the whole snow day stretches ahead of you…How many ways can you keep the little ones entertained?

For a kid, a nap is a requirement. For a Grownup, it’s an indulgence—and maybe the best part of a snow day.

When you’re a kid, an icy driveway or sidewalk becomes a de-facto skating rink. As a Grownup, it’s a liability. Get that salt out!

When you’re a kid, you can add marshmallows to your hot chocolate. When you’re a Grownup, you can add bourbon. Cheers!

When you’re a kid, it’s really fun to make snow angels. When you’re a Grownup…we admit it, it’s still really fun.

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