Learning about money and how to harness the true power of financial literacy and good saving habits don’t come easy. Dianna explains why Society of Grownups came up with bylaws for discussing and implementing good money habits—and how letting bylaws be bylaws has made all the difference.

If you think about it, most of the things you do come with a set of instructions: that bookshelf from IKEA, the new camera you finally saved up for, and anything you’ve ever bought for a kid. But as difficult as those projects may have seemed at the time (trust us, we’ve all experienced a late night surrounded by pegs and screws that all look exactly the same), you got through them. Because you had a manual, or even a whole guidebook. Someone to show you how to do it.

But what about all the really important stuff? Like how to buy a house, negotiate a salary, or start investing? Where are the instructions for choosing a retirement account?

Sure, there are resources out there. But for most of us, they’re still pretty confusing. Or they’re really just sales pitches for products or companies. So we do the best we can, asking our parents or friends what they did. But what happens when that advice isn’t really sound, or when it doesn’t really apply to you? We all have our own individual goals, dreams, and values, which means one-size-fits-all advice just won’t fit. Instead of changing your goals, why not change the way you seek advice?

We believe you should live life on your own terms. We believe it so strongly that we built Society of Grownups to help do just that: To provide a way for Grownups to figure out how to reach their goals, prioritize their values, and make sure that they feel confident about every step they take. We were built for Grownups by Grownups, which means we know where you’re coming from. Many of us are in the process of making our own big decisions, navigating a lot of scary financial topics, and not knowing where to go or who to ask to get the right advice. Until now. With Society of Grownups, we have a place to go with our questions, a place where we won’t feel judged for what we don’t know, questioned for the goals we have, or used as a way to sell a product.

We stay true to our mission by following these bylaws:

  • Putting money in perspective.
  • Enabling your sense of adventure.
  • Democratizing financial literacy.
  • Seeking happiness over wealth.
  • Championing transparency.
  • Inspiring action toward your goals.
  • Teaching as well as learning.
  • Helping you find your inner adult.

These bylaws guide every decision we make at Society of Grownups. From classes and financial planning, to online articles and special events, we’re here to learn and grow. We’re getting by with a little help from our friends, fellow Grownups—and of course, balanced financial advice. We’re excited to be on this journey with you, and encourage you to think about the life you really want to live, and get the conversation started.

Don’t panic—Nobody has it all figured out. But if we continue the conversation and keep learning, we’ll all get closer to where we want to go.

While working on the curriculum for Society of Grownups,
Dianna can usually be found listening to Motown and
taking up all the white board space.

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