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Articles tagged with 401k

How to Plan for Retirement When You’re Your Own Boss

Freelancers, don’t forget about retirement! Blogger Tess Wicks runs down retirement savings options for the self-employed Grownup.

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Taming the Monster of 401k Plans: A Saving for Retirement Primer

401ks were never supposed to be the default plan for retirement—but that’s what we’re working with, Grownups. Our CFP® team shares smart planning tips so you can actually retire down the road.

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Set it and Forget it: The Benefits of Automating Your Finances

Blogger Mrs. Frugalwoods adapts her lifestyle to embrace frugality and avoids budgeting—here, she explains how autopay factors in.

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When Does It Make Sense to Borrow from Your 401k?

Borrowing from your 401k is not something to take lightly, Grownups. John Schneider lays out when it’s OK—and when it’s not.

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3 Important Moves You Should Make Before Tax Day

Taxes are due soon! Paula Pant offers tips to get everything organized for Uncle Sam.

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