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Articles tagged with Budgeting

Short-Term Goal: Make a Post-Wedding Financial Plan

Blogger Chonce Maddox and her husband got proactive about debt and finances the day after their wedding. Here’s how you and your partner can work together toward financial freedom.

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Moving Home? Sign a Contract with Your Parents

Whether it’s a temporary arrangement or indefinite, if you’re planning to move back in with Mom and Dad, good communication is key. Here’s how to talk about your living arrangements before you move home.

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Gardening for Beginners: Save Grocery Money with a Garden

Jenna Spesard of Tiny House, Giant Journey shares how her garden helps cut back on grocery bills, saving money on food while providing a healthy lifestyle.

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How to Stage Your Home So it Sells Fast

If you’re in a tough housing market, staging your home could make all the difference toward getting a quick offer and sale. Here’s how to prep your home for appealing real estate listing and showings.

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Grownup Travel Planning: Plan Your Best Trip

When it comes to travel, forget “Top 10″ and “Best of” lists. For your next vacation, determining your best itinerary means focusing on what most appeals to you and your travel companions.

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Frugal Parenting Doesn’t Deprive Your Kid

It’s tempting to jump on the bandwagon of lavish birthday parties and mountains of toys, but bringing up bébé Mrs. Frugalwoods’ way teaches self-reliance, creativity, and an understanding of the value of a dollar.

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