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Articles tagged with Budgeting

For Newly Engaged Grownups: A CFP® Plans Her Wedding Budget

Feeling overwhelmed with wedding expenses? Ariel Anderson, CFP®, shows you how to plan for a beautiful wedding on a realistic budget.

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Salary Negotiation Tips: Minimize Conflict, Increase Your Earning Power

Equal pay advocate Katie Donovan knows pay negotiations can be tough. Don’t panic! A conflict-free approach and plenty of research can lead to success.

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How to Plan for Retirement When You’re Your Own Boss

Freelancers, don’t forget about retirement! Blogger Tess Wicks runs down retirement savings options for the self-employed Grownup.

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6 Genius Financial Moves from TED Talks

TED Talks are insightful, inspiring, and motivating—especially when it comes to money. Blogger Stephanie Taylor Christensen offers six ways watching a TED Talk can improve your financial outlook.

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Financial Fables: Lessons Learned From My First Credit Card

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when applying for your first credit card. What’s an APR? What’s a sensible credit limit? Don’t panic! Blogger Meagan McGinnes shares how she tackled the credit card application process.

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Make Valentine’s Day Special (No Matter Your Budget)

You don’t have to spend a lot on flowers, chocolates, or a fancy dinner out to show you care, says blogger Shannon McNay. Read on for her recommendations on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with meaning.

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