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Articles tagged with Financial Planning

How to Choose a Charity

If you’re planning to make charitable donations, you’ll want to know more about the charities you support. Here’s how to research philanthropic organizations to ensure your money goes toward causes you care about.

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Go Your Own Way

If you’re building a life outside the 9-to-5, you’ll need an abundance of courage and a plan for your money. Kate Holmes, CFP®, shares how she’s living a nontraditional life on her own terms.

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7 Money Tips for New Grads

You’ve got your diploma, and congratulations are in order! Next steps? Establishing good money behaviors. Karen Carr Brady, CFP®, has a money checklist for new grads.

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How to Write a Will Online

Writing a will can be scary, but don’t panic! Erin Lowry of Broke Millennial wrote her will online and walks you through each step.

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How to Spend Less Money

Frugality can become part of your everyday routine. Don’t believe us? Check out tips on how to cut expenses from Mrs. Frugalwoods.

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Should You Prepay Your Mortgage?

If you’ve got extra money, you may want to put extra toward your monthly mortgage. But what are the pros and cons of prepaying your mortgage? Financial advisor Matt Becker weighs in.

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