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Articles tagged with Grownup life

New Job Tips: Avoid Common First Job Mistakes

Blogger Zina Kumok shares the relocation, salary negotiation, and benefits mistakes she made at her first job—and how she turned her learnings into a successful career.

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Short-Term Goal: Make a Post-Wedding Financial Plan

Blogger Chonce Maddox and her husband got proactive about debt and finances the day after their wedding. Here’s how you and your partner can work together toward financial freedom.

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Life After College: Now What?

Congrats—You’ve graduated from college! What’s next? Blogger Lindsay VanSomeren discusses key steps for the post-collegiate career search.

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Frugal Parenting Doesn’t Deprive Your Kid

It’s tempting to jump on the bandwagon of lavish birthday parties and mountains of toys, but bringing up bébé Mrs. Frugalwoods’ way teaches self-reliance, creativity, and an understanding of the value of a dollar.

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5 Ways to Have a Luxury Mexico Vacation on the Cheap

Have a great vacation on a budget: Tiny House, Giant Journey blogger Jenna Spesard shares five tips for cutting costs during your vacation to Mexico.

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Go Your Own Way

If you’re building a life outside the 9-to-5, you’ll need an abundance of courage and a plan for your money. Kate Holmes, CFP®, shares how she’s living a nontraditional life on her own terms.

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