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Articles tagged with Grownup life

Should You Get Rid Of Your Car?

If taking on a car payment is not part of your plan, Grownups, check out all the options the Frugalwoods suggest for a car-free lifestyle.

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Building Your Personal Brand: Does Your Spending Match Your Values?

A personal brand is how others perceive us, says Karen Carr Brady, CFP®. But if you’re spending too much to cultivate your personal brand, it’s time to revisit your budget.

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Try Glamping: 7 Ways to Upgrade Your Next Camping Trip

Ever heard of glamping, Grownups? Think luxurious camping (yes, it’s a thing). Tiny House Giant Journey blogger Jenna Spesard shares her glamping tips and tricks.

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Have the Grownup Conversation: How New Parents Can Ask for Help

If you or your friends are starting to have babies, the community of friends is crucial. Here’s how to pitch in to offer practical help and emotional support to growing families.

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5 Things that Kill Your Credit Score

Keeping your credit score in good standing is a big deal, Grownups. Blogger Jennifer Nelson has five things to watch out for to maintain good credit.

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5 Ways to Save on Home Insurance

If you’re a homeowner, you’re familiar with home insurance. But did you know you can revisit your homeowners’ insurance policy each year to find ways to save? Nancy Mann Jackson finds five ways to lighten your home insurance bill.

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