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At Society of Grownups, we think of a budget as really just a tool—an estimate of your income and expenses for a set period of time. And when we work on budgets, we prefer to have you think of your goals and what is important to you, and then allocate your funds to those things that matter most. This approach helps make sure that your money goes to your priorities, whether that means spending or saving.

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Building Your Personal Brand: Does Your Spending Match Your Values?

A personal brand is how others perceive us, says Karen Carr Brady, CFP®. But if you’re spending too much to cultivate your personal brand, it’s time to revisit your budget.

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When it Comes to Finances, It’s Important to Change the Gay Cliché

With financial opportunity comes responsibility, says John Schneider of the Debt Free Guys. The financially stronger we are as queer individuals, the stronger we are as a community—and the better equipped we are to fight for equality.

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