Today's Workers Struggle With Money

It's no secret that many American workers have financial struggles. Many were never taught how to manage their money, or know that a few lifestyle changes and a planned strategy can turn things around. Society of Grownups was created to provide resources and education to help adults take control of their money today and secure the future of their loved ones.

It Affects Everyone

"42% of Americans have less than $10K saved for retirement" - 2019 Retirement Savings Study

"80% of workers are plagued by money problems." - Ceridian, 2019 Pay Experience Report

Distracted at Work

"1 in 3 workers are distracted at work because of money problems" - Center for Financial Innovation Services, 2017

"48% of US employees worry about their current financial state and 59% worry about their future financial state" - Willis Towers Watson 2017/2018 Global Benefits Attitudes Survey

"Stressful, Confusing..."

We asked our customers to share their initial thoughts about managing their money.  The responses are telling: "Stressful, confusing, scary, overwhelming, anxious, unpredictable, don't know where to start, worried, apprehensive, not saving enough, want to reduce debt, painful, complicated, confused, lost."

Society of Grownups Can Help!

Society of Grownups offers a searchable, comprehensive library of balanced financial information on the topics that matter to your employees:

  • Getting Out of Debt
  • Setting Up an Emergency Fund
  • Planning and Saving for a Big Expense
  • Saving for Retirement
  • Estate Planning
  • Making Your Income Go Farther
  • And much more!

We don't promote or sell any products. Our goal is to educate and inform. When your company signs up for Society of Grownups, your employees have access to our resources anytime, anywhere. All of our materials are developed by experts in their fields, designed for quick answers to questions, using a micro-learning format.


How Can My Company Participate?

The Society of Grownups materials are currently available at no charge to our existing MassMutual WorkPlace Solutions customers.

Contact us for details.

We aren't MassMutual Customers. How can we participate?

At this time, our program is only available to our existing MassMutual WorkPlace Solutions customers, but we are exploring a subscription model for interested companies.  Contact us if you would like to be added to our list.