We know that making Grownup decisions doesn’t always happen on a predictable schedule – that’s why we’ve made it easier to find your inner adult any time, any place (well, any place with a WiFi connection). Choose your course, settle in, and join us as we continue learning what it means to live life on our own terms. Each course is designed to be completed in less than an hour, depending on how much time you spend on each activity.

My Courses

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    Loans and Groans:
    Basics of Student Loan Debt

    Struggling with student loan debt? You’re not alone. Learn all about your student loans, your monthly payments, and payoff strategies.

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    Basics of Investing:
    Reaching Your Financial Goals

    New to investing? Don’t panic! We’ll discuss what those investing terms actually mean, and show how you can develop an investing strategy for the years to come.

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    Buying a Home:
    How Much Home Can I Afford?

    You’ve decided to buy a home—what’s next? Determine how much you can afford for your down payment and your mortgage, and learn the true costs of home ownership.

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    Can I Have Your Number?
    Understanding Credit & Debt

    Take a good look at credit scores, and learn how that one number could be affecting all your grownup goals (don't worry, we'll share some tools and tips for improving your score!).

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    Spending Plans:
    A Better Way to Budget

    Learn a whole different way of looking at your money, and get tips for making sure you’re really spending on what matters to you. (Don't panic. You can keep that morning latte!)

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    You're a Grownup (Don't Panic!):
    The Basics of Financial Planning

    Get a glimpse at the basics of financial planning: creating goals, learning to prioritize, and a few financial best practices (hint: the best financial plan aligns with what you value most).