Frequently Asked Questions

Being a grownup doesn’t mean knowing everything – it means knowing how to ask the right questions. So ask away. Don’t see your question below? Email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


What is Society of Grownups?

Society of Grownups is a digital place to learn about all things adulthood. We want to take the confusion and frustration out of growing up by offering practical, actionable, balanced advice on financial topics like saving, investing, and taxes, as well as general topics around adulthood like buying a home, traveling, and picking out a good bottle of wine. No matter where you are, you can find your inner adult by taking an online class, accessing our digital tools, and reading our blog articles from financial advisors and fellow Grownups. 

How is MassMutual Involved?

While MassMutual is our parent company, Society of Grownups is a separate legal entity and a Registered Investment Advisor (“RIA”) with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”)*. We offer balanced financial advice – as such, we don’t exclusively recommend any product or company, including MassMutual.

*Any references to Society of Grownups as a “registered investment advisor” or “RIA” are not intended to imply a certain level of skill or training.

Are you a nonprofit? Do I have to pay for anything?

While we are driven by an educational mission, we are not a nonprofit organization.   We want to make balanced financial advice affordable and accessible to as many Grownups as possible.

Why do I need an account?

Creating an account is free and gives you instant membership to Society of Grownups! You can use your account to create your goals timeline, link your accounts, and see a complete view of your financial picture. Your account information is kept secure, and you can contact us if you ever have any questions or concerns about your account.

Do you sell any products?

No. Our financial planners may recommend a particular company or product partner if it makes sense for your unique situation, but they can never sell you any products or open any accounts. In the future, we may earn revenue from our product partner recommendations, which will allow us to keep costs reasonable and accessible for Grownups.

How do you make money—What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. (We know, it’s hard to believe!). In the future, we may earn revenue through product partner recommendations. Rest assured, we won’t just recommend any product. Our partners (and non-partners) are vetted by our research team, and our planners will only recommend something when they feel it fits your situation.

Why do you make product partner recommendations, and how do I know you are acting in my best interests?

Financial advice is not one-size-fits all. Our planners are obligated as a fiduciary to act in your best interest. They remain free to recommend any product partners, whether those products are from a formal partner or not. These recommendations are based on careful consideration of your financial situation, preferences, and goals. The planners will make sure that the product partners are in your best interests by consulting with you about your preferences first—like whether you’re more of an in-person/brick-and-mortar office Grownup or if you’d rather use online tools.

Are you making money from product partnerships?

In the future, Society of Grownups may earn revenue from some partnerships when we recommend and you open an account with that partner. Our planners are still under no obligation to recommend product partners exclusively, nor do they receive any commission. They will always act in your best interest. And Grownups are under no pressure or obligation to choose our recommendations.

Our Location

Where are you located?

Everything we offer is digital only, but we have an office at 1653 Beacon Street in Brookline, MA. Our corporate address is 1295 State Street, Springfield, MA.

Security and Feedback


How secure is my information?

Society of Grownups is committed to ensuring the integrity and security of the personal and financial data that our members choose to share with us. We encrypt your data, when your browser supports it, using 256-bit SSL encryption, the same that is used by banks and other financial institutions. Our partners are industry leaders who also demonstrate their excellence in safety and security.

I have an idea. How do I give you feedback?

We’ll take it! Send your feedback, comments, questions, and ideas to As a learning initiative, we thrive on your feedback – it helps us get better.